On Top® Whipped Topping

The perfect finish for commodity fruit, yogurt parfaits and more. Our original, sugar-free and all-natural options offer great yield, performance and taste.

TIP: On Top® stabilizes yogurt for parfaits that last 5 days in the cooler.


Cakes, CookiesDonuts (Gluten Free Options Available)

Rich’s®  makes sweet moments more delicious. Our cakes are moist and beautifully finished, our donuts are perfect at breakfast or lunch, and our cookies hit the spot as an easy snack favorite.

TIP: Our new line of whole grain-rich cookies meet Smart Snacks guidelines for all grade levels.

Icings & Fillings

Rich’s Bettercreme® Icing is silky smooth to make any icing job easier, faster and more impressive. Fluffier icing goes further, too. Try Bettercreme® in Vanilla and Chocolate, and in a variety of colors.

TIP: Incorporate school colors into your treat to root for the home team!
Cheese Sticks


Zerts™ creamy vanilla pudding tastes like cake batter, and chocolate tastes like brownie batter – the perfect little cup of joy for a busy school day. Plus, they meet Smart Snacks guidelines for all grade levels.

TIP: Top with UBR® crumbles for more texture.