Pizza Crusts & Flatbreads


Rich’s® is a trusted supplier of pizza dough and flatbreads for commercial restaurants around the country. That same quality is available for schools via commodity processing using Rich’s specifications to guarantee quality and reduce costs.


Pizza Crusts (Gluten Free Options Available)

The leading national brand of pizza dough and crust, our products are great for applications beyond pizza – from sandwich wraps to calzones and breadsticks. Gluten-free options available. Need assistance? Rich’s team of pizza experts is ready to train you.

TIP: Let students and staff vote on their favorite pizza toppings, then have a pizza party with the top choice.

Sheeted Pizza Doughs

Rich’s sheeted doughs make it easy to deliver fresh, quality pizza. Use commodity cheeses and sauce to create a variety of popular options.

TIP: Use sheeted dough for a fun calzone – place ingredients on center of dough, roll side over and pinch edges closed.


Flatbreads are versatile carriers for on-trend sandwiches and wraps. From Asian to Mexican to Mediterranean, students will love the flavor and variety.

TIP: Make mini sliders using Rich’s Whole Grain Mini Flat – a new twist on a classic.